Chanel Bags Swallow Up Boca Raton!

  1. Ladies, today i went to a very chic Go Pink! breast cancer luncheon at a local Boca country club......there were 700 women and i have never in all my entire life seen so many Chanel purses. Everyone had a Chanel...i saw maybe one LV and one Hermes................The Chanels I saw: medallion tote, Cerf, lots of classic flaps in all sizes, handheld Chanels, vintage Chanels, GSTs, PSTs, it was like being at a Chanel purse convention!
    I had my pink caviar medallion tote....................
    i wonder how many PF members were there? lol

    seeee? after all is said and done, Chanel reigns supreme, and this was a very classy crowd! :woohoo:
  2. Nice!!! What bag were you wearing?????
  3. Ahh that sounds like fun! I wish I was there to ogle at everybody's bags ahah
  4. Cool...I'd have been the one with the LV...must admit to having a soft spot for Chanel!
  5. That must have been a sight to see so many Chanel bags all in one place!
  6. Oooh! I wish there were pictures to see!
    Yay for Chanels!
  7. She said her pink caviar medallion tote... :yes:

    Sounds like a great luncheon!
  8. It's nice to see so many Chanel owners support campaigns against BC!:yes:
    on the other hand that should have veen THE sight!I suppose everyone was trying to guess the bagstyle of others lol!I'd have done that hehe!;)
  9. What fun...and a great cause.:tup:
  10. had I been there I would have been carrying my pink medallion tote as well !!!
    Chanel is all over the place now !!! Must have been some luncheon