Chanel Bags on Sale - 25% off

  1. Just got an email from Bag Borrow or Steal. They have at least 10 Chanel bags on sale for 25% off! I just snagged a 2.55 reissue in Bronze! Whoo Hoo!

    Go to their "outlet" section and search by designer to see all the bags available.

    Here are some of the other names I grabbed and prices:

    Chanel Diamond Stitch Brown Small Shopper - SKU# BB057058 - 25% off - $1225

    Chanel 'Luxe' Metallic Flap Bag - SKU# BBOS7361 -$1425 - 23% off

    Chanel Tweed Small Satchel (PNY) - SKU# BBOS7433 - $1995 - 22% off

    Chanel 'Modern Chain' Classic Bag Brown Leather - SKU# BBOS8053 $1150 - 25% off

    There were a few others as well! Happy Shopping!!! :tup:
  2. That bronze flap is very pretty! Thanks for posting!
  3. Thank you for posting:tup::smile:
  4. OMG Great find! You got that reissue at a great price!
  5. Thanks guys! I'm already loving it and the rep said it was DEFINITELY in stock! She had it in her hand! Whoopee!

    There was a beautiful Bronze Luxe and Diamond Stitch out there too!!!
  6. I had no idea they even sold bags like that! How often do new bags come up for sale?
  7. aw, it says the bronze reissue is unavailable :sad:
  8. Hee Hee! That's cause I "snagged" it!

    This site always has bags on sale...I've never seen Chanel on sale there though. That's why I was so surprised and why I snagged the Bronze reissue!
  9. Thanks for the tip!
    I've never been on this site and thought it was rental bags?
    Do you have to pay a fee to join to purchase a bag from them?
    Are the bags used that you buy?
    Thank you so much for letting me know :smile:

  10. You can join the site, just to browse, for free. There is no cost or membership involved to purchase from them, only to rent from them.

    Some bags for sale are used, some are never used. Depends on the bag. They have a 30-day return policy.

    That is pretty much all I know about it. I got the notice from them through my email today, saw the Chanel bag, bought it and then let everyone know about it out here! There are some great sales on other bags as well...Botkier for $162, Prada, etc.
  11. Thank you so much Photomj!
    I really appreciate it and so glad to have the forum to get good tips like this :smile:

    I'm getting really tempted by one of the Chanels too:graucho::graucho:
  12. You're awesome for posting this!! I never would have known otherwise! I tried to get the DS shoper buy it was oos. So instead I got the MC flap!! :yahoo:

    I tried it on and loved it, now it's mine! I overnighted it..bad me! :rolleyes:
  13. Argh... I just bought these... :sweatdrop:



    Unbeatable prices! And I was chatting with their online CS and the lady was very sweet. We'll see how it goes, I overnight as well and items should be here on Friday! :nuts:
    7361_front_zoom.jpg 7432_front_zoom.jpg
  14. great bu! I knew that vintage ligne wouldn't last long!
  15. Hey Alouette & Tracy!

    Congrats on your purchases! We are the "bronze" babes apparently! ha ha

    I also wanted that Ligne but it was too small for me. I'm hoping the reissue I got will work out ok!

    I was lazy and did regular mail but it has already shipped! Their customer service girls are great.

    Did you guys ask about the Authenticity cards? I asked if they would come with the bags and the girl said they would send a "card" with it. I wonder if it will be the originals or a statement from BBS that it's an authentic bag? She didn't even know about the holograms inside the purses!

    Enjoy your sure to post pics of them IRL!!!