Chanel bags for sale NYC

  1. I have a couple of bags I want to sell (not on eBay) - one is slightly used, the other brand new - any ideas where I can go?
  2. How about She's a member here, I believe.
  3. You can try a consignment store such as INA in NYC. Check their Website for detail and location.
  4. As selling/buying is not permitted here on the PF..(Unless u r a member of the marketplaza).u could always try eBay?
  5. I think she said she doesn't want to use eBay :smile:
    I guess a consignment is your best bet:yes:
  6. Hmmm ... I know you said you didn't want to use ebay. But that is probably your best bet. I contacted consignment stores before and they really take a nice chunk out of the price.
  7. What's INA's website I would love to check it out?