Chanel Bags. Bargains anywhere???

  1. I have been looking for a Chanel Black Vinyl Rock handbag. The med. one. I just love its' look & style. :drool: I have seen them from $1500-$1900. Anyone know where to get one at a reasonable price?? Maybe even a used one would do. Not sure where to go. :s I would love to have one of these. :heart: #1 on my wish list!!!!!
  2. Maybe eBay? I love this bag too!
  3. Personalshoppers have the red one but I don't know about the size.
  4. eBay would be ur best bet
  5. I think Personalshoppers on eBay has a red AND a black one...not sure about the sizes either.
  6. Thanks ladies. You say there is a red one? :yes: Hmm. I will have to check it out. Only problem is I may want both. Uh oh. Could be trouble. :rolleyes:
  7. -LOL< too late for the Medium Flap - I just bought it ;)

    There is a large Rock Flap and there was a red one, not sure if it is still there.