Chanel Bags available at NM Last Call (AZ Mills)

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  1. Went there with DH today and saw a few Chanel bags there. One looked like a pouchette with gold rings on it and gold link strap. I'll try to find a link of a pic of that bag. Price was still $1100 I think.

    They had a lot of the satin bow bags. Didn't check the price.

    They also had a few nylon "gym" bags. It seemed like the size was XXL. They were huge.

    Lastly, they had a bunch of shoes (booties, satin pumps, and leather pumps) there as well.

    None grabbed my attention, but I think someone may be looking for a great deal.

    HTH. :tup:
  2. Ok.... here's the pic of the pouchette/clutch I was telling you about.

  3. and this was the nylon tote I saw...

  5. thanks for the info
  6. thanks for the infos!
  7. No problem. :smile:
  8. Thanks for posting. The clutch is cute and unusual. I have not seen that style before.
  9. Great info...thanks:heart:H
  10. Any idea how much the Nylon bags are?
  11. can i order by phone and ask them to ship my order to me?
  12. I'm not really sure if you can order. You may call them at 480-831-7979. I don't have an SA there, so just ask for the handbags department. They also had belts, but I didn't get to see them.
  13. Last Call does do charge sends
  14. thanks for sharing