Chanel bags at Fashionphile are too expensive!


Aug 14, 2017
Yeaterday just for curiosity I checked Fashionphile and noticed that the prices of Chanel Bags are too expensive, sometimes more expensive than the original prices at Chanel !
And the high prices are not for rare models but for models you can find them at Chanel Boutiques.

That was really surpising!


Aug 7, 2010
I’ve noticed the same thing. I wonder if it’s because the boutiques are all closed in the US so there are not many ways to get a Chanel bag right now. Hopefully the prices come back down to earth soon.
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Dec 27, 2010
I had been eyeing some caviar minis on Fashionphile, already priced at or above retail (before the price increase). They didn’t seem to be selling for a while, then they all got snatched up when the price increase was announced. Now the new ones are listed for even more money.

Just crazy. These are bags that are sometimes dented and lopsided.
Apr 7, 2020
Totally agree. I noticed after the price increase the prices things starting to get a bit crazy. Bags are way above retail and in most cases, the condition or lack of the accessories doesn't justify the price. I use to go to Fashionphile for a deal. That was the whole appeal of the site! Nowadays I don't even bother and I have turned to Facebook groups.

I wonder if the prices will settle or if this is just the new normal for the second-hand market.


Mar 12, 2008
Totally agree. Fashionphile used to have great deals especially when it was tax free but nowadays it's always more expensive than retail then you have to add tax. Sometimes, they'll have great deals on some things like I bought two chanel mini o cases that I missed out on at below retail price even with tax. I dont know if they got more expensive since they partnered with NM or what


Mar 26, 2015
100% agree. They increased during the pandemic and have consistently gone up in pricing for all brands while the quality of their offerings have gone down. They have vintage 1 and 2 series flaps for close to 4k. I really haven't seen Yoogis or Anns or Real Real do this crazy price structure so I think it's just Fashionphile. They have gone really wild with pricing. I got an LV last week from the LV store and it was 2100 and Fashionphile has the same bag listed for 3200 used. I completely don't get it.:confused1:
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Dec 11, 2013
Yeah... I bought a few things from them In the past and was so pleased with my experiences. Recently I gave them glowing reviews when a friend asked but was shocked when she pointed out to me that many of the items listed were close to, if not more than Chanel prices and visibly USED!! I was just looking at Brooches and the prices are insane.. idk that I'll keep buying from them. It doesn't make a ton of sense anymore. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in feeling this way!


Dec 1, 2018
Yeah, minis are really in demand so I can see why they priced it way above retail still I wouldn't pay that much premium for that. You can find slightly more reasonable priced pieces on rakuten, Japanese eBay.
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Jul 26, 2012
Strawberry Fields
I've still been scoring some pretty good deals on Fashionphile. But then again, I've stopped buying bags and have been buying mostly jewelry or shoes through them.
All of the pieces I've bought were below retail price. I also sell through them and at first they were low balling me but after the 2nd piece I've sold, they started quoting me better prices. I think you have to build a rapport with them before they start giving you better prices on your items? Just sucks ever since they started charging taxes.


That bag is fine!
Oct 17, 2010
Good to know. That not good. I am presenting a pair of CL's only worn twice no peeling on bottom. They look new, so I'll see what they offer.
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