Chanel Bags... and your Husband/SO/Family!

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  1. hey ladies, i would like to know whether your boyfiends or husbands understand your addiction to chanel?
    unfortunately my not :tdown:.
    everytime i bought something new at the chanel boutique i am so very happy but i can not show him my new piece because he can't understand why i spent so much money for one piece. and very often he doesn't like it.
    for exampel: he laughed about my last two new bags :sweatdrop:. he said all the bags are ugly...

    what experiences do you have?
  2. DHs sometimes: (1) can't accept the price of the bags (they may hardly spend much on clothing and accessories); (2) don't understand the beauty of them. But you know we all can be educated! So don't worry too much, as you have all the tPF sisters with you here! Just pull together a nice outfit to match with the bag and use the Chanels as much as you can! :heart:
  3. Mine doesn't understand either but he never gives me any grief.
  4. My ex always said "if it makes you happy, it makes me happy." He never tried to understand. That was good enough for me.
  5. My bf is cool ... he buys me bags and stuff from time to time. His opinion on Chanel bags are that they are expensive but as a gift they are not. Usually when I buy my own bags he's happy for me because he knows how much I love them. And he usually gives me a honest opinion on what he thinks of the bag. So far all his feedback has been pretty positive!

    :tup: *thumbs up for bf*

    Oh and by the way ---- He's the one who got me into Chanel
  6. Well mine doesnt like Chanel, not the actual bags but he doesnt like when you flash a logo and Chanel tend do have pretty big ones sometimes. If you took the logo away i´m sure he really like them :smile: But he doesnt give me any grief and he has no problem following me in to the store and giving me hís support
  7. I usually do not tell DH what I buy. He would never understand spending so much on a handbag. Although he loves when I dress nice and look good. I usually pay the bill myself. Why cause a problem. Yes, he occassionally notices if I have something new. I always say oh honey I have had that awhile. Then he usually says oh u mean u bought it yesterday?? (he knows me so well, lol):heart:
  8. My boyfriend knows I'm obsessed! He drives me one hour away to a Chanel boutique just so I can make my Chanel purchases. He loves going with me too! He always helps me choose the best Chanel purse or jewlery for me and he gives me his opinions on things. He knows that Chanel is expensive, yet he still paid for half of my Chanel pearls, randomly, simply because he knows how happy Chanel makes me! Haha--overall, I think my boyfriend gets as excited about Chanel as me...well actually me more.. :smile:
  9. My hubby can't understand the statement of "investing a lot of money for just one handbag." he thinks it's too much. But he really doesn't care at all with me, getting new handbags. I don't think he even notice everytime I get a new handbag. As long as it's from my own pocket, it's no prob at all. But he doesn't seem to appreciate it either. Only one handbag. My Dior. That's the only handbag he appreciates in my collection so far..
  10. Man Rica, my fiance is EXACTLY the same!!! He only loves my Dior saddle bag (which I got by exchanging a Dior wallet he got me for my birthday and topping up the extra :P) cos he says that's the most beautiful bag he's ever seen. He does NOT understand my recent obsession with Chanel, he definitely thinks it's a little crazy to pay so much for one handbag (which he said could pay for an extra wk on our honeymoon) and is sooo worried I will graduate to Hermes in a while (I educated him about the prices of their bags n his eyes nearly popped out of his head). But at the end of the day, he remains supportive cos he loves me and he says it's my money so I can do what I want.

    When I felt a bit guilty about paying more for the reissue I bought yesterday, after an initial grump-fest from him, he perked up and tried to comfort me! Anyway I don't need him to understand the obsession, frankly if he did I'd be worried. I know I have like-minded souls here who would completely understand and support my obsession!! YAY TPF LADIES!:tup:
  11. LOL shiny_hair!! We're in the same situation I think! LOL! :yes:

    He said he'd rather give me an uber expensive mobile phone but not on a bag.. :crybaby:Which is, I need to pursue him to buy me a bag instead this september when my birthday comes! LOL.. Or any ocassion at all.. I need to convince him to buy me a handbag instead of buying me stuffs like camera, mobile phones, etc. LOL! When I got my Light Gold Reissue, I felt a BIT guilty too.. Thinking that I won't tell him that I bought a new handbag "again" but the other side of my mind keeps me from telling him "he will be angry, or he might be upset.. so don't even bother telling him... if he noticed, then that's the time to tell him. LOL." And I, too, don't really care if he doesn't understand my obsession, I just want equal rights, I buy my own money with my obsession, he buys his with his own money too. :yes:
  12. Oh and yeah, I forgot.. I used to play a joke on him too.. "Maybe the reason why you love my Christian Dior bag because your name is Christian.. So that I will carry your name whenever and wherever I go with this bag... LOL."
  13. I wish my bf was like that!! Need to forward this to him. HAHA!
  14. Well said Rica!!!!
    I have no problems with DH, he actually really loves to shop with me in pretty stores, weird but true.
    The only bag he's not too crazy (but warming out) about is my incoming birthday gift that I picked myself and ordered without consulting him but heck I love it!!!
  15. ^steffibp.. what is it?!?!?!