Chanel bags and boxes

  1. When I bought my Paris Biarritz large tote (how much do I love to type that?) I was asked if I wanted it boxed and wrapped. Of course, I said yes. So the SA asked another SA to go downstairs and get a ready to wear box. So there is no "official" box for the handbags? Just what is available? Does anyone know?
  2. Each Chanel bag comes with its own dust bag and box. There are times, where, if they are returned or for some other reason, the store may not keep find a box. That's my guess.

    All of my purses and shoes have come with their respective boxes and with the Chanel lace tied to it. So maybe that's just my SA making my purchases look pretty all the time.
  3. typically they have their own box, but sometimes when it's a display, maybe the box could get misplaced, my first chanel, the blk/blk patent cambon tote my fiance bought from heathrow airport didn't come w/ a box, but not sure if he had asked for a box, they would've tried to find it for him.
  4. A lot of stores do not value the boxes much as they're very flimsy usually.
    All mine have come w/ their proper box {matching sticker, etc. . . } but by reading this Forum everyday, this is not always the case.
  5. When I got my vinyl coco cabas, it came with a HUGE plain white cardboard box with "Chanel" on it. I think it just depends on the line or the bag? :shrugs:
  6. The big Cabas and the Paris B do not come with the nicer black boxes. They only come with the white ones... my SA told me they offer these boxes to the customer but no one usually wants them, as they are not very nice, and the store usually throws them out.

    Of course, I took my white one and kept it. I use it for storage, but not for my bags...
  7. I have been buying Chanel for over 15 years and always request a box. Years ago, boxes did not come pre-assembled and they set them up for you on demand. Some of my bags have matching stickers and skew numbers, some of them don't. I have purchased them in Chanel boutiques and Saks, Bloomingdales and Neimans. There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast policy. In fact, I just checked my newest bag, a jumbo flap, from Saks, and the box doesn't match the serial numbers or the card/tag. I think they mix up the boxes a lot in the back stock rooms so I would never base authenticity on that issue alone.
  8. I always get a box with mine. Sometimes the box has the sticker with the picture of the bag on it...sometimes not. It has no meaning to me...I throw the boxes out.

    Same with jewelry.......I think only one time my costume jewelry didn't come with the matching box, but I throw them out too!!!! I can't see that it really matters either way.
  9. It depends on the size. Some of the larger bags come in the white box and smaller in the black boxes. My paris barrietz came in the white, so did both my cabas bags. But my clutch and smaller perforated flap came in black boxes.
  10. Hapa if you don't mind, how much did you pay for your tote? I bought the bigger messenger bag.
  11. I paid 1050 euro. I might go back for the huge bag, which is truly a piece of luggage...
  12. I've gotten boxes mine.
  13. That bag is awesome! I was thinking of buying the big one for luggage also! What color did you get? I bought the black, but I think I want silver now.
  14. my chanel came with a box that said "cambon tote" on a sticker.
    but i had to say goodbye to it when i flew home! :'(
  15. When I purchased my Cambon tote, we were away from the Chanel boutique as it's register was not working. So, while the SA rang me up in the LV boutique, she asked me if I wanted a box. I said no. Honestly, the boxes don't wow me. I am amazed at how flimsy they are considering the cost of the bag; how hard would it be to construct something a bit more substancial? I know there are people who put great importance on the box for resale; if I sold mine, I would probably demand a box (for that reason). I toss mine out once I get home. So far, each box I have received matched the bag that was in it (the outside sticker, I mean).