CHANEL bags and accessories on Bluefly

  1. Several new bags, including olive tote and necklaces, etc.
  2. That gorgeous black tote is gone :crybaby:...all the black bags are gone :push:

    Thanks for the heads up though :flowers:
  3. Some of the black bags are back. Out of my price range now but someone should grab them!

    Sometimes people put them in their basket and then don't purchase. After an hour, they go back on-line.

    Good luck ladies! They are gorgeous!
  4. Showing OOS for me for both black bags :sad:
  5. WOW! There have been several that have come and gone all morning today. :drool:
  6. i picked up a black leather doctor chanel bag! i hope it comes and is authentic. this is my first chanel bag.

    i was very hesitant to order this bag, because 2 weeks ago, i ordered a fendi bag, was charged for it, but the box came with no bag!! i called and called and they just said they were tracking the details -- *details?!!? i thought, but i was charged, at least refund me the amount!*

    this issue is still pending --but i couldnt resist in the possibility that the channel bag may come and may be real, especially with some ladies finding great deals.
  7. Please post picture when you get the bag? :p
  8. Are their things authentic though?
  9. My understanding is that bluefly is authentic. From reading blogs on this website, there was a problem a while back when some people had purchased bags and returned fakes one. I think they were balenciaga bags?

    Yes please show us the chanel when you get it cause it really looked fabulous!