Chanel Bags <33

  1. umm how much are they around??
    i've always bought their sunglasses and their makeup.
    like a bag like this.


    this style and uhmm a website where you can purchase them?
  2. you cannot purchase it online. Only from the chanel boutique or department stores. I don't remember the exact price of this cambon bag, but chanel bags in general is over $1000. Most bags are more in the mid $1000 range but lately they have quite a lot of bags over $2000
  3. the ladies will correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think the cambon tote is that square looking. it's more bucket shaped. you may want to look at the reference section under cambon.

    unfortunately most of the cambon collection has been discontinued. i believe what one of the SAs told me was that they were only producing the same color cambons like black patent on black or something...

    and chanels are not available online.... except for ebay.

    good luck!
  4. and bluefly sell very limited quantities of chanel from past seasons (mostly shoes though) online
  5. ok thanks that really helped =]
  6. Welcome to the board - yes, the pic you have posted looks like fake Cambon. The shape and handles look wrong.
  7. bluefly sells fakes, anyways.