chanel bag

  1. im lookin for this bag... does anyone know what its called. what u can tell me about it. material colors etc.. ii tried to loko for it in the threads.. but i dont know what its called so didnt know how to look...
  2. this is the coco cabas, there are some threads about it. I don't know if you can still find it since I think it is sold out in many places.

    But they are making a smaller version for their cruise line.
  3. ya cuz i saw it in the window at chanel and its HUGE!!!!!
  4. ok i have a couple of Qs. the 995 is for what material?? and what size.. im so confused on whats goign to be avialbel in mid nove,ber
  5. baby boo, i got the bag ur asking about, its calle coco cabas , the 995 is the large version in venyl ( there's also XL) ... its sold Out already as most pfer say, but im pretty sure since ur in europe,u'll be able 2 get ur hands on one :smile:

  6. Any idea when the smaller version will be released and in what leather?
  7. ya they come out again here on the 11th of nov. so i jsut wanted to know how much etc before it came out so i could have the money ready!!
  8. hmm ill go ask. is the large whasin the picture,? or is that the XL
  9. Hi Baby Boo, if I am not wrong, the Satin version you are looking at is $1395.
    The one in the pic looks like an XL.

    I'm not too sure about the Leathers ones but heard they were around $1700.

    Good luck with your hunt
  10. so vinyl is cheaper than the satin? cuz i prefer the vinyl
  11. Vinyl is $995, in the XL is $1295.
    In Satin is $1395.

    I believe the Leather ones at $1695.