Chanel bag?

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  1. Hi ...
    I was at chanel fulham road in london looking for a reissue 226 .. anyway ... i found a bag that i have seen several times but never really thought about ... it has the same vintage cracked leather but has a double flap at the front ... and the chain is also threaded with leather ..... it was a very light gray (although the tag said light green for some funny reason) ... do you guys have pictures of it or know what i am talking about? it was 1020 british pounds ..... any clue what i am talking about? i wana know your opinions on this bag because if i dont find a reisssue 226 by the end of april ... i will buy thsi one ....
  2. BUMP please:P
  3. do you mean one of these two?
    flap1.jpg flap2.jpg
  4. yes it's the same shape .. but the leather was matte and vintage ,.. excatly like the reissue one .....
  5. His angel, where did you see this bag? I think it may be the one I am looking for. Was it this one?

  6. That's a pretty bag. I've seen that picture before, too.
  7. Beautiful :love:
  8. his angel, I know exactly which bag you're talking about. I saw it at the Chanel on Bond Street. It's a beautiful bag!
  9. i did see a picture of it the march bazaar magazine. towards the bach, its in red and beautiful. i left it a work so can't scan sorry:sad2:
  10. How about this one, his_angel? I love this one except the colour. Does anyone know how much it costs?
  11. I saw that exact bag at Saks in portland last weekend. I also thought it was light grey but the tag said light green. I loved it and was thinking about switching my reissue out for it. the color is perfect.
  12. hmmmm non of these seem to be the one i saw ...
    but they are all amazing!
  13. How about this one ladies..its luxury line..coming soon
    Price range from 1120 Euro to 2000 Euro
    Hope the pic working