chanel bag

  1. hello I am sissi and I am new,I write from Italy...sorry for my bad english!:smile:
    I would ask to you the name of this bag in photo and what colour exist of this...thanks big kiss sissi
  2. Welcome Sissi! Come sta? The bag you are referring to is the Chanel Classic but I can't really see the leather (could be Caviar or Lambskin) and I THINK it's the medium size. If you live near Milano or Roma you could give the Chanel Boutiques a call to see what they have on their shelves...the Classic is USUALLY available.
  3. thanks for reply!I'am not near rome or milano...what is the price of bag?the bag in photo is of leather,should be a classic...and I thionk that is is exist in black?I think that is a flap bag or similar...what do you think?I have fion the photo in forum....kiss sissi
  4. It is quilted and it does come in black. It is called the Classic Flap-bag and you can get it in two types of leather, Caviar and Lambskin. There are a few different sizes too. Pricing runs from $1,475.00 USD. It might be a good idea to check with Chanel directly by giving them a call. They can also let you know the exact sizes and prices in Euro. You might also want to take a look at the 2.55 Re-issue which has a distressed leather and more casual look than the Classic.
  5. This is the classic flap bag! I have it in black caviar medium (see my avatar?) its AMAZING! if you have the funds, get it get it!
  6. ok thanks!what is the measure of medium size?and what is differnexe between caviar and lambskin?do you have abig photo of your bag?thanks kiss sissi
  7. Hi Sissi,

    I don't own a medium size bag so I can't give you measurements but I do have the Caviar and the re-issue which is distressed lambskin. Caviar leather is more durable, textured leather and lambskin is much softer and tends to scratch more than the caviar. I prefer the lambskin anyway because I like softer, more "squishy" bags. If you're hard on your handbags, you might want to consider the Caviar.
  8. thanks!I think thst so I prefer lambskinbut I must see them for sure...thanks for explain kiss sissi