Chanel bag you will be handing down to your daughter

  1. When I am ready to have children I will sell off my Chanel but will keep one just to hand down to my future daughter.

    Which Chanel bag would you give to your daughter? Does your little girl have a favourite yet?
  2. I have 2 girls and they're too young to show any real interest in my Chanels. But I guess they'll get everything one day and my mom's chanel collection too! They have their own collection of hello kitty and dora bags which they do seem to enjoy, lol.
  3. I don't think so;yummy mummies wear Chanel!!;)

    I have a baby son. *If*,big *if we 1) have another and 2) it's a girl,she'll get all my bags (and shoes if they fit her!!).

    I don't plan to sell anything...LOL.

    If I don't have a girl,I suppose I may have to leave them to a cousin,to my brother's daughters or to my little son's new wife!
  4. I am saving everything for my daughters! Already they have laid claim to certain bags that will be theirs...and the shoes...there are arguments every time a new pair comes home with me! And they are 7 and 5!
  5. I only have 2 sons (and don't intend on having anymore...) , guess I will sell them when I no longer use them. Use the money on travelling around the world.. hehe
  6. No kids yet but any of my flaps would stand the test of time and could be handed down
  7. When I have children, they will have everything! Especially the Chanels!
  8. I plan on giving everything to my daughter.
  9. Hopefully, someday when I have a daughter she will have everything.
  10. So sad, my one and only is a little boy. I guess my nieces will inherit my Chanels. Though right now, they like hello kitty and can't care less about Chanels. LOL.
  11. I am planning on saving all my Chanels for my daughter. She is now 8 but I know one day she will enjoy them.
  12. IF I have a daughter she will get everything, but when she is older r when i cant wear them anymore, I wont let a teenage girl ruin my preciouses
  13. I have two daughters, ages 22 and 20, they will have to divide them up. Along with my Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Prada, YSL, Ferragamo, and a Gucci or two. Not to mention my Cartier watches....

    They want my handbags now so I have a lock on my closet door!!
  14. I have one daughter who inherits everything. But if you had to choose just one bag to give, it would be a black classic flap for sure!!!!!
  15. LOL..According to my 11 yr old.....all my bags are hers now too...hehehe..I have trained her OH TOo well..................*sigh*