Chanel bag you receive the most compliments on

  1. Of the 5 bags I have only ever used 3 of them (Denim Cabas and 07 Red Lambskin E/W Lambskin flap yet to make an appearance!).......I get the most compliments on my fabric patchwork flap.

    How about you?
  2. I have a black PST & a black classic flap (caviar). Friends comment on the classic flap the most & I've noticed ladies on the streets giving the bag an extra glance. Sadly no such response for the PST.
  3. I always get stares and comments on my cabas.. Then again, it's the only Chanel bag I own. I love it dearly though.

    Timeless clutch is next!
  4. My pink woven tote, I think because it doesn't look like a Chanel and people are surprised to see the hanging CC. The bright color helps too. :p
  5. Probably the dark grey classic flap ...
  6. I got compliments on my khaki cabas, but the most compliments were on my salmon bowler I was carrying earlier this summer.
  7. Medallion tote and black Jumbo... I haven't carried all my Chanel bags yet though, so I don't know if they will get any compliments!
  8. I used to have a pink patent chanel bag with the CC's all over it that I bought at Neimans Last Call. I ended up selling it, but out of all my bags, that was the one I received the most compliments on. That bag was also the cheapest amount I had ever paid for a Chanel.
  9. How funny! That has been my experience too! While I get a lot of compliments on my MC tote I get the most on the black speedy that I just got on $ale a few months ago which was abou 1/3 the cost of the MC.
  10. Hm, it used to be any of my Jumbos, but now it seems to be my Navy blue patent reissue. The few times I wore it, even men notice it. :tup:
  11. My original cabas seems to get alot of compliments. However my cambon messenger with the python cc's on it tends to get more "OH HOW CUTE!!" than most of my bags.
  12. The 07 Fall Classic flap in distressed calfskin - lots of people think it's great for daily use coz you don't have to worry about scratches on the bag, and it looks great with casual wear and jeans.
  13. I get sooo many complements on my dark brown ritz.
  14. chanelbaby!! I didn't know that you had the patchwork flap! :wtf: I adore that bag so much. At the time when it was available, I fell instantly in love. However, my Mom convinced me that it wasn't a 'classic' enough Chanel for the price-tag. I'm STILL kicking myself for passing it up!

    Are there any modeling pics that you can share? I've only seen it on Mischa so far. :shame:
  15. Gotta be the Dark Pink Python(actually purple) Large Flap with Tassel. I've only used it once or twice though! People like it.