chanel bag with ladybugs on them

  1. Hi,

    not sure of the name of the bag but what models/colous/sizes does the chanel bag with the ladybugs on the chain come in?

    where may I find one of these?
  2. That style is from couple years back. The ones I saw came in a orangish-red. It was one sale back then, too. So I don't think any Chanel boutique will have them anymore.
  3. i'm no help with the sizes/shape/colors but unfortunately eBay (or maybe bluefly but you'll have to keep checking bluefly until it pops up) is your only hope right now since they've been out for awhile
  4. I've also seen a pink one :yes:
    I agree that eBay is the only chance to find one but it'll be very hard. I've been searching them for months and not one has showed up :shrugs:
  5. Maybe you can call around to some Chanel outlest? You never know what can pop up there. The only Chanel outlet I know of is the one in NY, Woodbury Commons Outlet. The store itself is very hit or miss, but I've gotten some cute stuff there :yes:
  6. I saw it at Neiman's a couple years ago in bright blue, but it was the mini classic flap.
  7. there's a new line of Baby animal comming out w/animal prints if u like some fun Chanel piece :smile:
  8. I have seen it occasionnally on bluefly...really cute bag! but yes, classic chic is right, there is a baby animal flap coming out that is similiar! good luck in yoru search!
  9. I've seen them on eBay from time to time. You have to constantly check.
  10. Anyone has a picture of this bag? Sounds cute!