chanel bag with bugs on it

  1. Hi!

    does anyone know where I may get a pinkii chanel bag with bugs on the handles? I think it was from Cruise collection.

    sorry for lack of knowledge am new here

  2. hi Jasmin! That bag is so adorable, i think the bugs were ladybugs nd they were actual little handpainted ones, 3 dimensional, not embroidered on.... was a limited edition, came out maybe a year and a half - 2 years ago...there were also matching sandals with ladybugs....................i dont think it is available anymore,,,best bet is to watch eBay................:yes:
  3. Hey Jasmin!

    Unfortunately the only place to get it now is from eBay. I think it may have been available on bluefly for a very short time but it's gone now :sad:

    good luck on your search, it's a darling purse!
  4. That was the Spring/Summer 2004 collection. I've only seen the jewellery on eBay, ladybugs are cute.
  5. Hi!

    did this bag come in a lilac min? Do you know how mauch the lilac mini retailed for?
  6. yeah it does actually. all of them came in lambskin leather! there were lilac, magenta and hot coral if i remember correctly.
  7. ooh thanks for quick response. do you know if the lilac mini had a back pocket??
  8. Does anyone have a pic of this bag? I am so intrigued... it sounds supercute.
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