Chanel bag quality issues!!!!

  1. Ok heres the story, i bought a timeless CC tote a few weeks back. I started using the bag and one day i realized that the stitching on the handle was coming out, so i went back to Saks and showed them the problem and they gave me a new one (that was today). I just got home and i'm looking at the bag it looks funny to me, the zipper's looser than the one i had and when i looked inside the bag the leather was scratched up!!!!! I'm sooooo mad!!!!! I dont know what's up with Chanels quality but i did not sign up to spend 2400 on a poor quality bag!!! ARGHH!!!! I'm realy furious...i dont know if its Saks fault or Chanels, but now i have to go back to BH Saks AGAIN!:tdown: no good!
  2. Wow! I wonder if they gave you a display? Perhaps try a Chanel boutique or another department store?
  3. aww :sad: im very sorry to hear of your bad experience with chanel and saks
    i've actually never really had a problem with eitherso i cant really help you
    but just wanted to express my condolences
  4. I'm sorry to hear your story too...I would go back again as well. I know it is frustrating,,a luxurious bag should have certain quality...
  5. Go back and and get another one. Inspect it thoroughly. It sounds like you got the display!!
  6. Definitely go back, inspect every single one they have, and then get a PERFECT one. For the money you are paying, you should be thrilled with the product.
  7. Even if it's a display bag, it should hold up. It's not as if display bags are of inferior quality. I think this tells us that our bags cannot stand a lot of use. A $2400 bag should be able to withstand a bunch of women handling it.

    Let us know what BH Saks says. Hope it works out.
  8. ITA! When there's imperfections, people assume it's a display. I think display or not it should hold up.
  9. That's cool that they replaced it for you, but GEEZ, no thanks to them for giving you an inferior replacement! That really sucks. I sometimes feel like those who are selling the products don't know how OBSESSED we are about these bags and that we want the full quality that comes with the price!

    Good luck exchanging it again and let us know how it goes! I go to BH Saks, too, but ended up getting my bags at the BH boutique instead.
  10. Totally ^^^
  11. I'm sorry that happened to you but GOOD LUCK with the SA's at the BH Saks. They are the absolute WORST! I have vowed never to go back there to buy Chanel after how they treated me and my mother. They are just awful. Anyway, I hope they don't give you any problems about exchanging.
  12. I went to Saks BH a few days ago and saw a young woman was not happy with a purse in front of her. Once she mentioned it, the SA reacted as if the young customer's concern was so ennoying to her. I just didn't like what I saw but good luck with your battle.
  13. It won't be awful as much as in London. Especially for a young-look customer like me :sweatdrop:
  14. That really sucks, especially cause they make a hefty commission from your purchases, and they should treat you right and give you exactly what you have requested and paid for.

    good luck!:hysteric:
  15. If after time you experience problems with a Chanel bag, can you return it to any Chanel store or does it have to be the one where you purchased it? I bought my Chanel bag from the Chanel boutique in Selfridges London but I live in Manchester so could I return it to Chanel in Selfridges Manchester if I ended up having problems with it further down the line?