Chanel bag prices: Do your friends think u'r crazy?

  1. Do you admit to your friends and family what you've paid for your latest bag? Do they look at you like you're insane when they thought $500 was huge for their new Coach purse? How do you justify spending over $2K for 1 bag? Do you hide them in your closets and bring out much later and tell DH, "Oh I've had this forever!" And most importantly - how do those of you WITHOUT THE MONEY TREE manage to keep buying them??:graucho:
    Please share your stories; love to hear how creative you are about this very expensive obsession.

  2. This is a good topic! I used to live in No. Virginia (near DC) where people are not flashy with their cars or their clothes. I was always considered the most materialistic out of my friends, and I didn't want that reputation. At first, when I was in high school, I didn't care what people thought but after you get grilled so many times.... it gets old. So I would just deflect any questions about my bags. (Ie, "how much was that bag?" Me: "hehe, too much.") Now I live in Southern California, HUGE difference. Everyone loves to show off and look fashionable! I'm no longer the odd-one-out friend who has expensive taste, I'm quite 'normal' and I don't feel bad about being truthful about the costs of my purchases :yahoo: Now my new friends celebrate my purchases with me! My old friends (I love them to death) refer to my love for Chanel as "worse than crack" :p
  3. my friends and families knows i have expensive taste, so normally they don't ask, except my mother, who will buy only buy knock-offs and says i'm a snob. :rolleyes:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I live in an upscale L.A. suburb, and even my RE agent thinks I'm nuts for spending on these bags. She's the one with the Coach for $500 and wants everyone to KNOW that she spent that much. I had to bite my tongue on that comment!! I told her what, "I'll get a real estate license so I can sell homes and pay for my Chanel habit" and I am. I don't care about selling real estate, just need that money tree so I can plant her in my backyard for future Chanel purchases. Who says you can't have it all?:wlae:

  5. no freakin' way!:nogood:
  6. I dont even tell my bf how much I pay for my Chanel bags- lie,lie,lie all the way!
  7. If I would tell my family and friends then they would set up an intervention to get help for my Chanel addiction :lol:
  8. Happy to see that you'all like this game. So IF you're not telling and you live with a DH or SO, how do you HIDE the expenditure?
  9. That's a fantastic idea! :nuts: I've been contemplating getting a license as well.. imagine how many Chanels you can buy with just one house sold in LA or OC... :drool:

  10. In the Chanel closet of course! He won't notice new ones with all those black Chanel boxes and dustbags! :lol::roflmfao:
  11. We never discuss prices. Id be mortified if they knew I not only paid $2K for one bag, but for several Chanel bags! I think that's the scariest part for me. LOL.
  12. Now, that's where closets come in handy. And don't try to track too much attention to your bag. If someone asks "is this new?", then you say "what? this old thing? I totally forgot that I had this sitting in my closet and I decided to took it out again"
    You'd say this in a very casual way of course.

  13. No, not how do you hide the bag (that's easy) how do you HIDE the $$$ now missing from some account? My DH and I have joint accounts and I don't use credit cards anymore. I use them but them I pay them right off so no balances aren't carried......this didn't use to be the case. So do you all just have separate accounts or credit cards that nobody but you see?:s I pay the bills, but still the money goes missing.
  14. My close friends know how much, DH, sister in crime, and recently my mom.. all know how much it costs... but thats about it. My co-workers, mailman, & UPS purse fairy.. all know I have a thing for purses.. but they have no idea how much... thank gawd! :rolleyes:
  15. o gosh... why do I feel like I'm the dysfunctional one now, because BF is all too aware of what my bags cost. -Although he DOES think that my time could be better spent on something other than a "purse website"... although I quickly hush him up and send him off to play video games, LOL

    -I don't think anyone in my family or circle of friends is remotely aware of how much a Chanel costs -I think my aunt once price quoted at $1000. (and I didn't say anything -although I wish they were $1000!) -My mom works in the fashion industry, so she is very aware of what a Chanel runs for -so I don't tell her the exact price, I always end up discounting it -like a 1/3 of what it really costs, LOL. -The day we actually go into Chanel together, I'm SO screwed.

    The only person I ever had to "lie" to about my bags was my poor old granny. Grandma grew up in the depression and had 9 kids to feed -so she's still obsessive about every penny. -She knows that all my Chanels cost a pretty penny, and when she asks, I always tell her $200. -which might as well be $2000+ to her! -The worst lie was that my Chanel sunglasses were $20. -She told me that I could get better ones at those sidewalk stands for $5.00 and less if you bargained!