Chanel Bag; is this authentic? (pictures!)

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  1. Okay, so long story, short : A friend of mine has kind of a crazy mom and she stole a bunch of his money out of his bank account and bought herself many expensive things. She bought this "Chanel" handbag. Since it was his money, my friend took some of her belongings that she left at home. He didnt want anything to do with the actual bag, and gave it to me.

    So here I have this new bag, with no serial numbers, tags or stickers...because it had a previous owner.

    I took some pictures. I need some help determining if this could possibly be real, or if it is noticeably a fake, and I am just a little slow. haha.

    - It seems to be in great shape, the stiching is very well done.
    - The "CC" does not look crooked to me, nore any of the stiching or back pocket.
    - Looks and smells of real leather.

    Here are the pics:

    If this is clearly a fake to you, do you think that it would noticeable to anyone else? If so, what about it would be.?

    And, there is the same exact bag from Chanel online, but different colors... Here is the Chanel bag from the website.

    ANY OPINIONS? :confused1:
  2. SO I just post it where everyone else did.?
  3. yes:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.