Chanel bag in RED

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  1. I'm thinking I NEED a Chanel bag in red. :p

    My wardrobe consists of a lot of black, white, jeans and neutral colors. I prefer silver hardware for this particular bag. I would like something that I can wear casually in the day, but wouldn't look too casual with dressier outfits.

    I was leaning towards a red classic flap in med/large (10 x 6), but I don't think they make it in this size at the present time.

    I would love some opinions as to which bag you think looks good in red?

    I really wanted to buy it before the price increase. Should I wait for it to come in the classic flap in the med/large size (if it ever does) or choose a different bag?

    Any suggestions??
  2. Red Chanel's are VERY hard to come by.
    I've been wanting one forever, good luck!
  3. ^^ITA with Amanda - and now we have an opportunity to get one from the boutiques.:yahoo: