chanel bag in LA

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  1. Hi, i was wondering where people have bought thier Chanel bags in Los angeles. Or if you could recommend any place, im itching to buy one but dont know where to go, thanks!!
    Anyone know about chanel shades?;)
  2. there is a chanel boutique in beverly hills (rodeo drive area). there is also a neighboring NM in the area.
    i personally like going to south coast plaza down in costa mesa, ca. there is a chanel boutique there. the NM in fashion island (newport beach) also sells chanel.
    finally, Nordstrom topanga (canoga park) sells chanel, but it's quite a drive from downtown LA proper.
  3. all above and Saks in Beverly Hills
  4. thanks! time to go shoppin :smile:
  5. Chanel on Rodeo Dr. really didn't have that great of a selection but the Saks down the street had lots more than the boutique.
  6. Chanel on Rodeo has quite snooty SA's!
    Neimans and saks have a better selection along with a much nicer enviroment!