Chanel bag in Gossip Girl

  1. If any of you watched Gossip Girl on Wednesday night, Serena's mom had the 2.55 in red... beautiful. :smile:
  2. Was it really a reissue?? I saw CCs on the clasp and bijoux chain, it took me a couple of passes to check it out good and I still couldn't say what it was. Pretty though!!
  3. steffibp may i ask which season chanel bag is in ur icon?

    and what color was the reissue red on Gossip Girl?? hoping bright red
  4. Bright red. I was pretty sure it was the reissue, but it was so fast that I could be mistaken too :smile:
    gossipg1.JPG gossipg2.JPG
  6. Did you get those pics out of your DVR?? WOW!!! Must learn ASAP.

    there is also one scene where she is speaking with the guy and closing the bag and I saw it better in that scene.
  7. Saw it and loved it
  8. omg i missed it...dang must watch again sunday to catch it
  9. I want that bag! Yummm...:drool::drool::drool:
  10. lily vanderwoodsen has the best bags! I think it was the 2nd episode she had the black luxe bowler that I dream about.
  11. I saw it, too, and loved it!!! Such a gorgeous bag!
  12. it's gorgeous!! i love the red caviar flaps! there's a reason to why it's so popular and so hard to find!!