Chanel bag "illustrated" by Karl Lagerfeld

  1. I'm not a fan of that either :confused1: Reminds me of the graffiti LV line...
  2. :Push: I really don't like when they mess around with classics like that. And yes, it reminds me of LV "grafitti" line as well. I think grafitti should be no where near a classic chanel.
  3. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  4. Hey, I can do the same with a marker.
  5. Yuck! Makesn me want to cry:crybaby:
  6. OH my! For a second I thought a kid got ahold of some markers and went to town! Definitely NOT feeling it.
  7. Was he drunk ? That is an outrage !
  8. What a turn off! He must of been drunk.
  9. Not for me...
  10. :Push: Oh dear god that is sickening. :yucky:
  11. :wtf: Is that for real??? Must be a joke , no??
  12. not pretty at all!
  13. Oh no!
  14. It looks like a kid just draw something on mammy's bag while she was in the kitchen or bathroom, Imagine what would you feel if that were you!