Chanel Bag: I need to make a choice. Help!

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  1. #1 Feb 25, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
    Hi All! I have a question. I will need to return one of the these and they were both the SAME price. The one on the left has no damage just a little dimpling but it comes with card, hologram sticker and sleeper. The one on the right has no dimpling/wrinkling, but it also has NO hologram sticker, card or sleeper and has some tarnish to chain that I would have to address at some point.

    They are both about the same size but because of the placement of the holes at the top, one looks taller because of how the bag folds over. Also keep in mind that the quilting and leather texture is different so one shows a sheen and the other doesn't because of the way the light is reflecting off the quilting at the moment, but both bags have a nice luster. Which one would you keep?

    chan 1.jpg
  2. Hi!! I was thinking the right one when I first looked at it but after reading your description, I'd pick the left one with the sticker and card. I think it'll give you peace of mind having those items. Although there's dimpling, the chain isn't tarnished and most lambskin bags seem to have the dimpling anyway. Gorgeous bags! :smile: Hope that helps!
  3. It does help. And I do know for certain that they are both authentic. Here is a pic of the one that is dimpled/wrinkled from a different angle.
  4. The one on the right looks a lot better, but I would be concerned with the tarnished chain.
  5. The one on the right looks better to me; you can get the chain replaced for about $120 (think that is the new price, as the old one was $60). The bag overall just looks better visually from the front.

  6. +1 I completely agree. The bag on the right is stunning, just replace the chain.
  7. If you are not selling it in future, just replace the chain like all the ladies proposed cos there's nothing you can do with the dimpling
  8. The right one looks better overall imo too
  9. I agree the right one looks better
  10. +1 for the right
  11. +1 right
  12. Right pls
  13. One more vote for the right
  14. Right one! Anyway congrats on your new bag whichever it is!