1. Hiya,:smile:

    Please can anyone help me? I am desparately looking for a pink quilted hearts bag..Paris Hilton has one in the Simple Life Show. It looks very Chanel but I dont think it is actually a Chanel bag.

    If any one knows where i can get this please let me know!:heart: thanks! x
  2. is it the valentine edition?
    with the heart chain?

    if yes then i guess it's limited edition and has been sold out, i dont know where to get that beside eBay...
  3. :sad: nooooooooo i would do anything for that bag! Its annoying how u can only get things the once and then thats it! gutted
  4. If it's the heart chain bag you desire, there are many standing in the que waiting and hoping to find one. You can bet your boots if one comes up, it will command big bucks. (sigh, I do love that purse!)
  5. here is a pic of her with it:
  6. Actually, Paris's bag is by Samantha Thavasa. :smile:
  7. Thanks!:tup:do you know where I could get one online?x