Chanel Bag from the 1990's - pic

  1. This is a bag from the 1990's. It is lambskin and the small accessory is caviar. I had mention this bag a few times in a couple of my posts.

    I thought all of you might enjoy seeing a picture of it.

    Isn't she beautiful :heart:
    Picture 003.jpg
  2. I have a small flap with the same chain, and I think my mother has something similar like yours... They are beautiful and after all those years, they didn't change color or grow mold.... I just love them.....
  3. cool, I love the hardwear and the tassle.
  4. I've seen a lady wear a bag like that;it's beautiful,thanks for sharing!
  5. I have a similar one with the tassel but mine is black patent.
    It makes a nice going out to dinner purse.
  6. cute!
    :drool: on the caviar
  7. cute bags!
  8. you are right, she is beautiful!
  9. Very nice..I think my Mom owns something similiar to is absolutely timeless!
  10. Love the chain.
  11. That's a real classic bag, I remember my mom carried one like that too. She's really beautiful, just like new! :tup::tup:
  12. Very beautiful!!
  13. Still beautiful after so many years. That's what we call classic! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Still beautiful-love the tassel! U r lucky to have her!
  15. I was wondering if you would post pic of this beauty that you purchased in the 90s... amazing that the lamb still looks so good, I am thinking if I should get my black clutch in caviar or lamb now...Hmmmm....
    Thanks for posting.