Chanel bag from latest Neiman Marcus catalog

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  1. At Maxter's request here is the Chanel bag from the latest Neiman Marcus catalog:

    Bordeaux ponyhair and quilted calf leather shoulder bag with chain straps. Made in Italy $1995 catalog code: F806 page 81
  2. :nuts: That is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  3. It certainly caught my eye, I could be tempted:upsidedown:
  4. They have that at my Saks in black . It is beautiful !
  5. Thank you GraceKelly!! I will be watching my mail for the newest catalog.
  6. wow, that colour is great for winters, love the boots
  7. I've seen in black, it's gorgeous
  8. I put the catalog code in for you. Call them up to get it delivered. Unless you order from them on a regular basis they don't send you everything.
  9. Fab boots! The bag is lovely too
  10. Chanel SCP had some ponyhair bags in yesterday...but I can't recall if this style was available. Very pretty!
  11. I like ponyhair and have had it in bags and wallets. The only problem is that it does wear out in the long term. You lose hairs from rubbing against the bag. That is the only thing keeping from seriously considering this one. I do love the color and the silver chain. My bordeaux bag currently is the small wallet bag with the gold chain. I use it when I travel or when I want to wear something messinger style and have hands free. I would love a bordeaux with silver chain. OOOh it would match a pair of Chanel shoes I bought 2-3 year ago. Bordeaux sling, patent cap toe and a silver quilt pattern metal heel!
  12. ^ Gracekelly...My thoughts exactly! I think the bags are gorgeous but could never purchase one because of concern related to the wear factor.
  13. I love the color and the idea of this bag, but when I saw it in person, I didn't really like it. It's true that ponyhair will show wear and tear pretty easily. My ponyhair purses have definitely seen better days, though I am not at all rough with them. I wish it were something like astrakhan fur instead of pony.
  14. The color is absolutely gorgeous but... the ponyhair factor puts me off. :Push:
  15. I do order from them a lot but not too much online. Usually from the stores. I will call tomororow. Thanks again!