Chanel bag - friend going to italy...HELP!

  1. I've been trying to find something to buy (or limit to ONE thing to buy). My friend is leaving for Italy Friday and I was to tell her to get me something, but can't decide on what. I want classics. Something that won't go out of style and will actually be in stock over there. I was thinking I can't go wrong with 2.55, but does anybody know if it's available and how much it is (USD)? Also, would it be cheaper to get it at Saks or department store by combining certain coupons/promos? I want the white, but scared I'll somehow get it dirty. :sweatdrop: My friend is going to the Gucci/Prada outlet area (tuscany? not familiar with italy AT ALL)

    I hope I'm not getting myself all excited for nothing! :nogood: Thanks in advance!
  2. My friend will be in Rome :tup:

    Can somebody tell me how much the 2.55 is? I would like to spend less than $1500 so if there's a bag that's in that range please let me know.
  3. :confused1: I don't have any answers - but I will bump this back up to the top for you. Ladies any help on this????:confused1:
  4. I would think prices are similar all over the world - it is whether or not tax is there and if there is a poor exchange rate - that would determine which country a bag would be 'cheaper'. When I lived in Asia, bags were no cheaper than here but I would save the tax in certain countries like Hong Kong. However, in other countries, say India, the exclusivity of the product and the very poor exchange rate, the bags turn out to be much more expensive than if I bought them in Hong Kong or the U.S. - Europe right now I think is going to be expensive because of the dollar losing value right now ...
  5. Sorry, there's not too much price difference for Chanel between europe and US now. The xchange rate is so poor. I was in Paris and Rome last October and only saw about $100 price differences (not counting the tax back) for Chanel, but back then it was $1.28 USD = 1e, now it's up to $1.37 USD = 1e.
  6. It is worth it to get a purse in Europe even with the exchange rate not in our favor. The medium flap in Paris is 1420 euro versus $1995 here. When you get the VAT back, the flap costs about $1700.
  7. I am not sure how much the 2.55 is in Italy, but I doubt it would be less than $1500...
  8. You can score a reissue at about EUROS 1500!I was in Florence and Venice during Easter WEll no Chanel at Florence but a wonderful huge chanel boutique in VEnice.If your friend visits it ask for Barbara she's very helpful !
    Concerning the Gucci/Prada outlet -yes it is in Tuscany close to Florence.Did not visit though but they say it's got nice stuff!BTW there are Chanel b in Rome and Torino but the biggest is in Milan !:smile:
  9. My sister-in-law visited Italy in June. She said that medium/large classic flap in caviar was approximately 1700e - I bought the very same bag yesterday from Germany for 1470e.

    So it seems that there are remarkable differences between prices in European countries. I personally wouldn't buy Chanel from Italy. France, Germany and Benelux countries would be better options.
  10. Yepp. And teh VAT refund from italy is closed to 19% if I remember correctly. Assuming the price is the same, instead of paying additional tax in the US, you will get some money bag. At the end, it will still be cheaper in Europe. Hope this helps...
  11. If you want something to last for a long time, and if you are a flap person, 2.55 or the timeless classic are good choices but 2.55 is definately above USD1500, E/W or mini timeless flaps might be below USD1500, I am not sure of the price, you can check details and pics at the reference library.

    If you like totes, then you can try GST, PST, medallion tote, cambon and details are available at the reference library too..

    Decide on a style that you prefer, it'll be easier to narrow down your choices, good luck.
  12. At the current exchange rate, if you order a bag from Saks, open up an account, and get it during EGC, and get it shipped from out of state (so it's tax free), it's actually cheaper to get it here. I just got back from Europe last month, and don't feel that savings are all that great.

    And, if you read this thread:
    your friend might have to pay custom fee on his/her way into the US...