Chanel bag for work

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  1. What does everyone prefer to use as their work bag? Tote? Flap? Other? I need a good amount of space so I believe the flap would be too small for me. Please feel free to add pictures of your beauties.

  2. I have a black GST with silver hardware.
  3. I really like the Cerf Tote and GST for work. I think both are discontinued though.
  4. I also use GST but with gold hardware....
    If you need space, think you'll need a tote. There are some new models out...
  5. Yikes...a flap bag wouldn't be so functional as a work bag but I can see it at a business lunch/meeting. The Cerf tote looks more "work appropriate" and can hold more stuff.
  6. i use the medallion. sometimes it's a bit too snug, but most days it functions fine for my needs. and it zips completely, which i like.
  7. I use gst but honestly use my lv neverfull more
  8. I guess I'm the only one that uses my small CF for work! I only bring my work keys to and from work, since I leave some on-the-go makeup in my desk. I love that my CF got me to minimize my purse load!
  9. I use my Coco Cocoon because it's very light due it's from nylon and so much space. And I don't have to worry about rain.

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  10. I absolutely adore the Cocoon! :love: I have a non-designer brand quilted nylon more or less designed the same way but would like to have one by Chanel. Hoping they come back in the future. If not, maybe pre-loved. :biggrin:
  11. I have mine now 4 years and still happy. I have seem them still around: in Amsterdam last July, in Paris last October and they keep them re-releasing. So I think it's def worth calling around!
  12. Oh, my! I have to get my concierge shopper to look around! Thank you! :biggrin:
  13. You're welcome, good luck!
  14. I use them all -- just varies depending on whether I'm dressed up or down, and on how much I need to have with me! For big days, I have do the Cerf or GST, and for smaller days, any one of the classics --
  15. Bibi, do you happen to remember the price of the Cocoon when you last saw it? :flowers: