chanel bag for a 12 year old?

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  1. Hi im 12 [turning 13 in january]and i was wondering if u chanel experts could help a chanel bag good for a girl my age??if u think so which bag?thank you for your help!
  2. If you can appreciate (and afford) Chanel at age 12, then you are a lucky girl! How about a Cambon bowler or Cambon medium tote bag? These are kind of young and fresh-looking.
  3. Hmmm, when I was 12 I didn't even carry purses yet :roflmfao: . My how you all grow up too fast now. But I guess if I were 12, the most suiting bag would be the Cambon.
  4. My daughter is the same age as you, and she has several LV Pochettes, but no Chanel yet. The ones she's looked at have been the Cambon Pochette or small tote, the East/West Classic Flap, and the Petit Shopper Tote.
  5. Wow, you are 12 going to 13, I don't think I would buy my daughter a Chanel yet! But if you can afford it, and appreciate it, then the cambon pochette is cute.
  6. personally, i think 12 is too young to carry a chanel :P
    but if you want one, get the small classic quilted chanel. not big ones, i saw some young girls carrying them on teen vogue magz, and it looks cute!
  7. I think you need to ask your mother. Or did you do that & she said no so you came here?
  8. I agree, i am also really young.. 17. And I think I am wayy to young for a Chanel also. Hmm, but if you love them and can afford one. Then I agree with seahorseinstripes
  9. Personally, I cannot picture a 13-year-old with a Chanel bag...
  10. If you can appreciate and afford one, then cambon would be a good fit. I think other styles would look too mature.
  11. Question, where would you like to take this bag? To school, around for fun, etc? I think Chanel is a bit old for your age, but something could work- it would help to know what occasion you would like it for :flowers:
  12. I would go for the cambon. I don't think you are too young to have chanel if you know how to take care of your stuff. My mom and my mother in law have already bought some for my daughter and she is not even a year old yet. :smile:
  13. hm, personally 12 seems a bit young to be carrying chanel... isn't that 8th-9th grade? to me the look of chanel is a bit more mature.

    if you really want to do it though, i agree with everyone else about the cambon ligne. it's the youngest-looking.
  14. Although I think you are too young to be carrying a Chanel, I suppose if you simply had to have one, anything in a fabric (and not leather) would be more suitable. They have some cute denim bags coming out this spring.
  15. I also agree it's too young.
    What's next? An Hermes in 10th grade?
    I'm not being snotty, I'm asking this in my head as I tend to like to 'trade up'.

    Personally, I like to see everyone, 40 yr old women included, dressing appropriately for their age.
    I think even an LV pouchette is a better idea, however still a little too pricey for your age.
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