Chanel bag experts requested

  1. Hi all I am new. decided to join as my passion is bags.
    would like some opinions on my dilema.
    Had my classic Chanel stolen earlier in the year it was new with silver CC lock in dark brown. I loved it.
    I did get compensated by my insurance but to my anoyance Chanel decided to change the lock on the brown classics to the vintage madmoisele (EXCUSE SPELLING) lock which is sqare and just has Chanel in tiny writing on the lock. I tried for month to get the same as I lost with the cc lock. In the end I succombed and bought the one with the sqware lock with the vintage silver chain. Needless to say it was a fotune and now I am having regretts. Hope I don't sound flash when I say I spent all this money and it could be any bag with out the cc. Do you agree ?Ore should I be just happy with it
    in other words not be stupid. Honest opinions wellcome.
  2. Ill move this to the CHANEL forum for u!
  3. Hmm I'd just say that Coco Chanel designed your bag originally, it's the first style of that bag, the CC lock came later!
  4. I like the CC better too. I can totally understand where you are coming from and I hope you can find the bag you love.
  5. If you really prefer the CC closure better, then you need to get a bag that has that for you. I have both, the CC closure and the mademoiselle closure, and I really do like both. The mademoiselle (square box closure) is nice because it does not scream Chanel, and people have to know the line to know what it is, I like that. But I also like the CC closure too. Don't settle for something you do not prefer, you'll never be happy. Return it.
  6. Thanks Jill for your help and also thanks to all of you for your reply.
    Unfortunaly I cant get a refund for the bag and there is no other brown bags to exchange it for. I feel a bit better after some of the coments made, specially last one. I will just have to try and enjoy it. It is al ovely bag