Chanel bag experts - help please? r/o

  1. I purchased over the phone from Neiman's the Chanel quilted tote. It has the large interlocking C's on one side, is quilted smooth leather (not patent), has rolled handles (no hardware) and a small gold chain pull for the zipper top. It's called the "large tote bag" and was $2125.

    For some reason, I thought this was much larger. Is there a larger bag in the same style with a different name?

    For a (sorry) point of reference, I've seen Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag sporting the bag.

    The one I got just seems more like a purse than a "tote", although I am a 'big bag' lady.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Is there a larger version of this bag? I'm just afraid I ordered the wrong thing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for reading! - Diane
  2. Hmmm.. Heidi (ugh) has the GST:

    LC has the Medallion tote:
  3. Thank you both! I know, ugh, Heidi. Mine does not have that hardware on the straps - looks more like Lauren's but hers looks larger. Is there a larger version of the medallion tote? And thanks I will check out the Chanel section. Thanks and take care! - Diane
  4. no, just one size Medallion tote right now, the ones in the store are the same as on the Hills.
  5. Sorry for the double post everyone. My first day on the board - please forgive. I think I had two windows opened at once. Did not mean to double post. Please feel free to delete the first one - sorry! :blush:
  6. Hmm, smooth leather, a CC logo on the front and rolled handles makes me think of the Perfect Day tote. :smile: I'm not positive though, but if you search for it, you'll know for sure! ;):heart:
  7. Hmm, on second thought, scratch that. I'm not sure... because I thought the perfect day tote was a very roomy tote (there could be more than one size), and I think it has rolled handles but hardware on the sides. :confused1: I hope you get an answer though... maybe if you post a pic, it would be easier :heart:, but in any case, hopefully the Reference Library will have an answer! :tup:
  8. ^Agreed. Pics please!
  9. The cerf? I wish you could take pictures to show us.
  10. I'm pretty certain you have the Medallion tote like Lauren but are surprised to see how much smaller it is in real life. Some bags do look larger in photos than real time. The Mediallion tote isn't a big bag, more medium sized. Also, Lauren wears her tote a lot and it looks like the handles have stretched with use.
  11. OK I will snap a pic later and post for you! The store tag says "large tote bag" so that's not much help. I'm just a little disappointed as I was hoping for a larger bag. It's gorgeous, but I'm having a hard time imagining stuffing all my items in there! ;)
  12. yes, that's the Medallion Tote FOR SURE. No there's no larger size.
    That one is too small for me as well and the opening isn't generous enough for me to fit my hand and a big zippered wallet in/out comfortably.
    The usual next option is a Grand Shopping Tote {GST} but it doesn't zip close, but that doesn't bother me.
    Here's a few photos, I'm about 5'2" :
    DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1335.jpg
  13. Thank you! Ooh, I like that GST. As long as it has a zippered compartment in the middle (and it looks like it does) I'd be fine with that. There may be an exchange in order. Thanks for all your help! Greatly appreciated by this board newbie!