Chanel Bag... Do u know this bag?????

  1. Please~~~~~ this is really killing me!!!!!!!

    It was a chanel bag in Vegas Boutique:
    a small white/silver with (a bit of multi-colour thoughout) tweed bag with silver leather through silver chain. I was told it was 2 seasons old so it would have been a 2005 collection.

    If u have any idea of which bag i am looking for, please send me a pic or the model number so i can ring around or look around for it.

  2. Welcome to tPF! Did you see the bag recently?
  3. I saw it in Vegas Boutique....... in the sale section....... back in July.
    I tried to ring the store but they told me it has been sold....... all they told me was that it was a 2005 model............
    hope u cans till help me out~
  4. Your best bet is probably the Chanel outlet stores. There is one at Woodbury common NY, the SA's are very helpful and they will ship it out to you if they have one. Best of luck.

    ..... Also try the department stores, NM , Bloomingdales, Saks:heart:
  5. They ship?! home? I never knew that! So if I ask them about inventory they will do a charge send.