chanel bag decision!!!

  1. Hi there,,,,can anyone who is a chanel lover please help me decide what bag I should get? The medium bucket tote in pink (camborn) or the camera/bowling bag retangular shape (camborn too) I really love both but can only afford to purchase one, Thanks for the advice!!!
  2. i love both too!!~ go for the tote
  3. I have a bowler so I'm going to say go for it.
  4. Tote holds more but you have to LOVE a big bag. Bowler is a great everyday bag though. Hard decision....:shrugs:
  5. I love my black cambon bowler! It holds everything I need and looks chic.
  6. I tried on the medium fits over the shoulder...but it would probably not fit with a heavy winter coat....I am not sure if you were looking for a shoulder bag, but that might be something to consider. I looked at both and decided to go with the bowling bag, but I wanted a year-round shoulder bag. You have to tell us what you decide and post pics!!
  7. thanks so much for all your help!! I hope the bag i am talking about is called the bowler. Some people have called it the camera bag. It is retange shape with zip at top and two black straps. it can easily be placed on sholder and hands down to the middle of my side. Does that sound like a bowler? also one pocket on outside...I am new to this forum and just learning how to use it correctly...
    I need to make my decision by today. They will only hold it for 24 hours!!:yes: :yahoo:
  8. I vote tote...It is practical and chic!! (Just to confuse you)....
  9. Yes that sounds like the bowler. Here's a pic of mine in black.
  10. Here is mines.
    Chanel Cambon.jpg
  11. bowler! it is a gorgeous and functionnal bag! i love it!
  12. thank you! Yes it is the bowler! I will go for it! I will share photos when it arrives!!! thanks agian lisa
  13. how much does the bowler go for, does anyone know? :smile:
  14. I paid 1375, but it may have gone up.
  15. bowler! The med tote I saw was acually REALLY small {?}