chanel bag decision by tonight! help a girl out!!

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  1. Hey everyone so i never got my red expandable tote *SIGH* empty dream right now LOL but i just got a frantic phone call from my dad. his friend is going to Paris TONIGHT and getting me a bag at a ridiculous price. I am jumping with joy but now the decision is really hard!!! i got a spreadsheet thingy with all the retail prices/distributor prices and little pictures.

    i am pretty set on a tote even though 2 pages of those classic flaps were really tempting, i know i'll use the tote more often. anyways please give me your imput!!! :girlsigh:

    totes1.JPG totes2.JPG
  2. S/S 2008??? Do you have any more of those spreadsheets Could you possibly:yes: post them please??
    BTW I'd suggest one of the classic Totes!
  3. wow!!! she has the S/S 08 spreadsheets! post more please!!!

    i'll go for the timeless tote. are you talking about the nouvelle ligne tote?

    i love the metallic color! it looks fab. my friend's going to paris tooo!! i'm getting him to get me my timeless clutch, yummy yummy! xo
  4. btw, where did you get these spreadsheets from?

    could you puhlease post all of them here? everyone's been dying to know what's for S/S 08!!! ;) TIA!! xo
  5. I would also probably suggest one of the timeless totes, either the medallion tote or the gst.
  6. I don't know but something's going on here...:wtf:
  7. i'll go with a timeless tote
  8. lol why? :graucho:
  9. I ws expecting rui to ask me that!
  10. ^ LOL! oopsss!!!
  11. Depends what you want to carry.

    The TimelessCC with zipper and petit shopping tote are quite resemble sized, that's if you don't like big totes.
    Otherwise if you like bigger totes get the GST.
    All of them are great, just that it depends on the size you want.
  12. i vote for the timeless totes. they're called "timeless" for a reason! you're so lucky! im waiting for my next trip to Paris for my 1st Chanel purchase.
  13. I'm also noticing the prices!!!!
  14. I am also in favor of the "timeless" totes! They are classic and leather and just gorgeous! You can't go wrong!
  15. oh your question.....get any of the leather totes as opposed to the canvas one, you will get better use of it.