chanel bag chains

  1. I've been reading up furiously on the chanel forums and drooling over everyone's gorgeous bags!! :drool: :drool: i'm fast getting addicted (although I only have one chanel bag - luxe bowler so far) :graucho: .

    I've got a couple of qn re. the "modern" chains on classic flaps - are they here to stay? i love the red flaps that some of you girls have, but i don't quite like the chain. I still prefer the traditional chain with the interwoven leather.

    Will the traditional chain be phased out, and overtaken in future by the modern chain? :confused1:

    Does anyone else feel the same about the modern chains, i wonder? or do you gals love it? (somehow, i feel it's abit too metallic, and looks terribly uncomfortable)
  2. no one?
  3. I have the red jumbo with new chain, and love it.
  4. I prefer the old chain myself as well. Don't have a bag w/ the new chain either.
  5. I am not any kind of expert, but I really doubt they would phase out the classic chain simply because it's just that: a classic.
  6. i actually like the new chain :love: but it feels a little heavier than the old one :yes:

    I dont think the old chain is going to be phased out.. it is a timeless classic :yes:
  7. I'm sure they'll keep the old chain. I have a new chain though and I love it.
  8. theres another thread about this but we pretty much concluded that the old chain is here to stay but they may do a season or two of the new chain
  9. I'm in love with the new chain! But I highly doubt the classic chain is gone for good-some bags look better with it.
  10. I have been wondering the same - are they going to keep making the classic leather woven chain or the new chain? And what about the reissue chain?

    I read this on here in another post - that the older chain with woven leather were more expensive to produce. Another post said they would be making new chains in silver only because the gold looked too dated)

    I don't like the new chain because it reminds me of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin chains on their bags - to me it seems less original on Chanel . . .
  11. I agree. I love the classic chain, it IS Chanel to me.
  12. I like both!
  13. the more i see of the new chain the more im loving it ... i only have the old chains so i cant compare which is better
  14. I agree. The classic Chanel will look more classic with the old chain. The new one is not bad either.....
  15. i love the old chain straps a lot better than the new ones, but that said, the new chain is growing on me, slowly but surely :biggrin: