Chanel bag care......

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  1. Is there any product to use to clean or get the stains out of Chanel handbags??? I'm extra careful with mine, and if there is a product I'd love to have a bottle. I keep worrying I'll stain one of mine, and I need a product to clean it or get the stains out of my handbag to ease my conscience, that if something does happen, or it does get a stain, I can get it out. Please, can someone help, or reccommend a product that works???
  2. You should probably tell us what bag/leather you have. It will make a difference in terms of care.
  3. how abt stain on patent leather?:confused1: thx :yes:
  4. I know shoe repair shops sell patent leather cleaner but I don't have a patent Chanel so I can't tell you if it works on Chanel's patent.
    I do know (from experience) that patent leather is difficult. Ink stains and then starts to "creep" or spread. I have one LV patent bag that faded from a neutral light blue, to an aqua!:cursing: I never took it to the beach or sat in the sun with it. At least it faded evenly, so it's still wearable, but annoying as aqua doesn't really go with a lot of things.
    Lots of people have just sent their bags back to Chanel for a "professional" cleaning.
  5. I'd take it to Chanel for cleaning - for standard leather products I use the Lexol leather conditioner to keep it from getting stained - but if my bag got a stained I'd send it to the designer to fix as they know it best!
  6. I'd definitely recommend that too. But my SA just told me a trick with White Caviar Handbags. If it looks dirty, you might want to rub the dirty part with a rubber. That's what she told me. :biggrin::yes::tup:
  7. How do you get rid of water stains on lambskin?
  8. thx ladies ;)
  9. Well....I never saw that coming.....hehehehe (no pun intended).:wtf:

    Good to know, just a bit odd. LOL.
  10. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I don't treat my lambskin. I just wipe down my caviar with a baby wipe when it gets dirty.
  12. I have a Chanel evening bag. I'm not sure what would get a stain or mark out of that. Has anyone heard of Margaret's Purse Cleaning??? I was thinking of sending my Chanel's there, by mail, to get them cleaned every three months or so.
  13. Wow.. what kind of rubber if I may ask? an eraser?=p
  14. Purrfect and Pinkcrazy,

    Iqaganda meant an eraser. Rubber is an eraser equivalent the British way. :graucho::graucho::graucho:

  15. wow.. Thanks a lot! just want to make sure I will be using the right kind of rubber=p hehe