Chanel Bag...can someone tell me...

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  1. There was a Chanel bag that was popular last year that was quilted with pockets on the front (or maybe the ends?) and a "CC" logo that sort of wrapped around one end of the bag in a contrasting color. Does anyone know what this bag is called and how much they cost/where I might find one?
  2. Rue Cambon. I think they cost from $800 for a smaller bag to $1500+. The only reputable places to get them from are a Chanel store or Chanel boutique within Neimans, Saks, etc.
  3. Thanks! Is that you in the dressage photo? I used to show H/J and three-day event.
  4. Yes! I love all things equestrian. :smile:
  5. aww i didn't know that was you! my college has an amazing equestrian team and i get so jealous that i didn't pursue it more when i was young, i wish i could have the chance now to do what they do. equestrian = so cool.
  6. No no no no, it's not me, it's just a picture I found. I used to ride horses when I was a little girl but never got into it. I did always look up to the "big girls" who were real equestriennes, though!
  7. The photo is beautiful. I really miss riding. I was in an accident years ago and broke my ankle in four places...was on crutches for six months and unable to ride. Ended up selling my horse, but once hubby finishes his Ph.D. we are planning to move Northeast and get one or two and begin again.
  8. ETenebris: Aww, sucks about your ankle. Is it all okay now? I know having a couple bad falls scares a lot of girls out of riding forever.

    YEAH! Get a horse!!! Then invite me up to ride him!
  9. I had three surgeries on the ankle, and now I have some odd swelling, nerve damage, and it is thicker than the other ankle, but all things considered it turned out quite well. My foot was backward after the accident, and if I had not had an excellent surgeon, I would have been permanently crippled. I rode again afterward, and plan to in the future. Thanks for asking! :biggrin:
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  11. The one on ebay is definitely fake. The ligne cambon medium tote is $1275, so I'd think that the reporter bag costs more than that.
  12. reporter bags cost 3000+ i have the smaller one and it cost 1375+ tax.