Chanel @ Bag Borrow or Steal

  1. says it's circa 80's:yes:
  2. thanks Swanky.... i totally didn't look at any descriptions at all.

    Just curiuos, so has the clasp been changing all the time??
  3. A little off topic, but the description says:
    Origin: Italy
    Circa: 1980's

    We were just talking about flaps made in Italy vs France. I didn't realize they were made in Italy back then.

    Strangely enough, it doesn't look like my 80s bags, chain wise. But what do I know. :shrugs:
  4. Interesting.....never seen one vintage reissue bag.....:supacool:
  5. cool, i think chanel should reissue those vintage ones instead! to let us young ones get a piece of the 'good ol' vintage' of that era! ;)