chanel bag and flats

  1. Please guys me !!!:confused1:

    i want to buy chanel bag...but i do not know the price of Chanel Classic Flap bag like this...
    in white and black
    and this Chanel flats[​IMG]
    if you know the prices of this chanels please tell me!!!:yes:
  2. I just got those flats in black with black patent CC's they were $570
    Good luck!
  3. saw them in beige at Bloomies/SCP, re: the bag you can always call your nearest Chanel and they can track it now for you, or NM, Saks etc.
  4. ^^ i agree^^ to get the acurate price.. Call the boutiques, the'll give you the accurate price.. I know it's not more than $2,000.usd. Love the Flats
  5. the flap was a 2005 release, i remember seeing it in heathrow T3 back in 2005 november time.

    i do not think you will be able to get that bag now but worth the try calling them.