Chanel backpack in chevron or quilted?

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  1. My dilemma: I've finally decided to pull the trigger on these cute backpacks, but now unsure of which I should get (chevron or classic quilt). FYI: I own a black jumbo in caviar, a red boy, a WOC, and a med coco handle in Navy--all in classic diamond quilt.
    Can someone please give me your thoughts and opinions. Thanks so much! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459292601.029401.jpg
    Pic is not mine. Saw it somewhere online.
  2. chevron
  3. I think the quilted pattern looks better on this backpack. I have one in red, love it to bits.
  4. Love the look on classic quited more! So adorable!
    Please mind that backpack only comes in lambskin and Chevron pattern easily get wrinkles than quilted.
    Safer to go with quilted. :heart::hbeat:

  5. Oh wow, thanks for this info! I was leaning towards getting the chevron since it's something different from the rest of my bags. But this info is really making me think twice.
  6. With the quilted backpack, although I didn't use much yet, but there are abit of wrinkle near the bottom of the bad as well.
  7. quilted!
  8. I think quilted looks better on backpack.

  9. +1
  10. Quilted
  11. quilted.
  12. chevron - most definitely- it looks luxurious
  13. Quilted

  14. Oh yes, I have the same issue. So annoyng!
    I will post some pics later.
  15. I like the quilted more !