Chanel Baby Coco Cabas vs Chanel Modern Chain, why one you will choose ?

  1. Hi, I just had my baby coco cabas but I am not quite sure shd I get a modern chain instead...........what do you think ?

    And between the 06 Modern Chain Toteand the 07 Modern chain Tote, which one will you prefer ? The 07 one is in shiny caviar, in brownish black color; but the 06 is simple caviar, in black color
  2. I prefer baby cabas as modern chain tote is very heavy for me.
  3. Baby Cabas :tup:
  4. Baby cabas! I like the modern chain tote too but it's a lot heavier.
  5. Baby cabas!
  6. I've got both the baby cabas and 07 modern chain tote and I prefer the modern chain because the stitching on baby cabas is not really good.
  7. will the stitching went off easily ? But is the shiny caviar durable ? Is it v heavy ?
  8. baby cabas for more casual cool and MC for edgy funky. Depends on your style.
  9. I have the 06 Modern Chain and just love it. I love the distressed Calfskin with the Pewter Hardware. But it is heavy. I usually won't take it if I'm going to have it on my shoulder all day!
  10. I think the Modern Chain is a bit more "structured". It is a great bag and can even fit a laptop in it.
  11. Personally, I like the baby cabas better. The MC was a bit heavy IMO, and the baby cabas felt more comfortable sitting on the shoulder.
  12. The shiny is almost too patenty looking for me. I think it is a trend. The black cav will have more staying power.
  13. Baby cabas is alot lighter than mc IMO. As far as looks, I think I prefer the mc though. And I've had a stitching issue with my cabas.
  14. OT: hi spylove, what stitching prob have you been having with your cabas? i haven't used mine yet but am hearing a few probs about the cabas and would like to know more in case there's still time to reconsider keeping it. TIA
  15. Is the '06 still available? The only ones I've come across are '07 shiny caviar. Are you talking about the e/w or n/s tote?