Chanel Baby Cabas?

  1. Im looking at trying to find a Baby Cabas, does anyone know all the colours they come in? i know of the black and white, what else is there?
    TIA:heart: :smile: :confused1:
  2. Bronze, teal, navy and dark silver. I might be forgeting some.
  3. Do you know of a web site where i can view these colours?
    Thanks again
  4. Also ladies, sorry for all the questions....a Sport coco cabas cruise or something like that, is that a baby cabas? It looks very similar. :confused1:
    As you can see this is my first venture into CHANEL land!! hehe
  5. I would do a search on this forum for baby cabas, you can see our members here modeling the bags. Baby cabas is from resort 06 , so it came out in the fall, it would'nt be on the website. The sport cabas if I remember is a lager version of the bag , came in gold and silver lame.I love baby cabas, it's a great b ag.