Chanel Baby Cabas, Dark Silver vs. Khaki. I got a call from a boutique

  1. and they had a dark silver on hold me.

    I wasn't sure because I haven't seen pictures of the Dark Silver, only the Khaki.

    Are they similar at all? The SA described Dark Silver as a coppery, bronzy color, which sounded like Khaki to me.

    Please help!!
  2. they are very different, personally i much prefer the dark silver over the khaki. if you do a board search or even go to the reference thread, you will find pictures of both.
  3. That sounds like the Khaki/Bronze to me, too, although I've never seen either IRL...maybe you should have your SA read off the color code and then confirm with posts in the library!
  4. I have seen them both. I prefer the dark silver.
  5. Dark silver does have a pinkish/coppery tone to it. Khaki is very much brown, with a slight metallic sheen to it.

  6. Hey .. If they have another dark silver please pm me !! im looking for one for my friend!! Would really appreaciate it. :tup:
  7. If I'm wrong then someone please correct me, but this is what I think:

    Khaki- Dark Bronze colored leather with Rose Gold hardware

    Dark Silver- Copper colored leather with Silver hardware.

    I'm curious myself because I have a Khaki one on the way, which I have never seen before. But this is what I've gathered from researching this Forum.
  8. In person, I would say the dark silver is more of a pewtery color while the khaki is more bronze. Yes, the hardware colors that sparklyprincess mentions above are correct. I think dark silver is more neutral and would match with more colors.
  9. how much is it now, if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Hi. :smile: I have a Khaki Baby Cabas, and a Dark Silver bowler... here are some pics for color comparison (unfortunately, I don't have size by side pics). :smile: The Khaki IMO is definitely bronzey brown with a metallic sheen to it, and the dark silver is a neutral grey/taupey-ish, slightly brownish color with a gorgeous subtle metallic sheen to it.

    Dark Silver bowler:

    Dark silver bowler "modeling" pic:

    Khaki Baby Cabas (and CC friend haha) with flash:

    Above picture w/out flash:

    HTH! :heart:
  11. Thanks for the picture comparison fieryfashionist! I just received my Khaki one today from Saks. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the Dark Silver because Saks didn't order that color. Does anyone know if Neimans or Nordstroms has it in stock? I do prefer the Rose Gold Hardware on the Khaki though, since most of my Chanel bags have Silver HW.
  12. It's $1995