Chanel Baby Cabas Bummer

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  1. I'm new to Chanel and ... so after seeing Roey's pics of the baby cabas, I loved it. It looks gorgeous, cute and a bag whose style is very much me. I wanted it. So, I called Chanel Boutique at South Coast Plaza. The conversation went somethng like this:

    Me: Hi, I'm calling about the baby cabas bag?
    SA: You mean the Coco Cabas handbag?
    Me: Yes, the smaller one. I was wondering whether you had any available.
    SA: The Coco Cabas bag is a very large bag.
    Me: Yes, I understand that. I want the smaller style of this bag.
    SA: Well, the small style is still a very large bag. Coco Cabas bags are large.
    Me: Yes, the smaller style of that bag is the bag that I want. (At this time, I'm going :confused1: )
    SA: This bag is a very large in size. Even the baby is very large in size.
    Me: Yes, I understand that. I would like to order this bag.
    SA: (in quite a snooty tune that had me confused since she is after all a Sales Associate!) Well, this bag is sold out worldwide. You can't get it anywhere. People have been waiting for a long time for this bag. You're too late if you want it now. It is impossible. No one is going to get anymore of these bags. (She should have just said I think you're an idiot for wanting this bag this late in the game.)
    Me: :shrugs: Oh, ok... I will try somewhere else.

    So I got off the phone. Did I commit some heinous crime to get the brush off like that? If I know exactly the model of the bag I want, doesn't it mean that I understand that it's a large bag??

    Roey - Denise had the day off. :crybaby: I ended up talking to another SA, Shannon, but the waitlists are quite long. :sad:

    Anyways, if anyone can help me locate this bag, I would really appreciate it. A part of me is thinking :cursing: Chanel. I don't need to put up with that crap from any SA. I'm definitely never buying from that boutique.
  2. omg i cant believe they did that too u! aww the sas in the chanel at shorthills mall are really nice maybe call them?
  3. im shocked how ignorant SAs at high end boutiques can be!! its ok balenciagalove im sure you can find nicer SAs else where that can be more helpful gluk!
  4. They probably confused it with the coco cabas bag because the baby cabas is not really called the baby cabas. Only people here call it the baby cabas, I believe it's official name is the oversized coco as shown on the catalogue in roey's thread.
  5. Sorry you had such an unfortunate experience. I agree with foxie-pooh that the s/a had it confused with the original coco cabas bag. Call back and specify the new cabas that's coming out with the quilting on the bottom and no logo on the body, only the oversize CC charm. Also reference the style # if the bag (can be found on the thread that shows the Nordstrom Cruise Collection posted by me and edited by Sophiawinter). If she doesn't get that, then she just doesn't get it, period!

    S/A's are such idiots sometimes.
  6. Roey - Thanks so much for your advice! :heart: I called Chanel back and I even talked to the same SA. I actually thought it was a different person because this time she was so nice! :confused1: I might have caught her at a bad moment. I am pretty sure that she definitely thought I was talking about a different bag. I did mention the Cruise Collection on the first phone conversation but forgot to write about that part. I feel so much better now. It's weird how a single person can make you feel bad about yourself. :flowers: :flowers:
  7. ^ Im going to look for this bag in France..and prob end up buying one..LOL..If you still cant find one by the time I leave..LMK..I will see if I can find one in France for you too.(I will have my cell on in PM me..Ill give you my #!)
  8. What a b!tch.

    Did you get her name? After you find the bag, you should call her up and be like "hey, thanks for your snotty attitude when I called about the baby cabas, because of you I was able to find one and along with the bag, I found a SWEET sa!"

    I hope you still don't feel bad about yourself! You know more than she does, that's for sure.
  9. No wonder I :heart: Jill!! :nuts: :nuts:
  10. They SA's won't understand the term Baby cabas, it was a term I coined up for a bit of fun a while ago and it seems to have caught on in this forum but it was totally just made up. You might have better luck by just asking for the Coco cabas from the new collection.
  11. What a nightmare! I hope you find one BalenciagaLove
  12. I just cannot for the life of me figure out what the payoff is or what value there is in treating people poorly. Someone please enlighten me.
  13. The SA's start to think they're something special when people are practically begging to give Chanel their money. The item sells itself and the SA has to do absolutely no work in making a sale. It goes to their heads and they can get really obnoxious. Like this woman you spoke to on the phone.
  14. I was just in South Coast plaza this past weekend and put my name on the waiting list for the black baby cabas. The SA was extremely helpful and nice and told me to just go ahead and give my CC# if I want one on hold because those they don't have the CC# of, and does not respond to their call, they will give first priority to those who have it on hold with their CC# , KWIM?? Anywhoo.. She was VERY helpful to me. Her name is Keiko. I would deal with her... Good luck!
  15. you know, my SA is Yoshiko and when I called her she actually said she will just call me since she doesn't want to keep anyone's credit card she didn't want me to give her my CC #. Same with my Beverly Hill SA too, she also didn't want me to give her my CC #, she said I always return her call anyways...

    So does it mean they will skip my name??? I guess it depends on the SAs?? Well, both SAs have helped me with previous purchases and they are pretty familiar with my returning their calls within 3 minutes so I hope that's why they actually refused to take my CC#.....I mean I don't want them to skip my name, esp. on one of the lists I am actually #1!!
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