Chanel AW 2007 runway boot question

  1. If anybody has the Chanel buckled AW 2007 buckled boot, I'm dying to know what's the maximum extension of the boot + buckle at the calf.
    I'm thinking of getting a pair, but I am not going to bother spending that amount of money on eBay if I'm not sure they will fit my calf.

    Thank you in advance!

    PS ( I didn't find a similar thread, but if it exists, could somebody point me to it?)
  2. I can't believe how much they are selling on eBay -- I tried on one pair recently at NM at half off....

    I think if they are too big, you or a cobbler can punch an extra hole. I remember three holes, the smallest being relatively small (I have thin calves and they weren't that loose on me), and two larger holes. I think if you can wear an average pair of designer boots, they will fit.

    What you should probably do is contact the sellers for measurements. Good luck!