Chanel available in Portland, Oregon?

  1. dear all,
    im planning to buy my 1st Chanel buy to be in Oregon area due to no sales-tax policy there.
    do they hv a boutique there? otherwise, where can I get authentic Chanel purses?
  2. There's a Saks there in Portland, Oregon. I've never been there but my sister lives there and she's the one who usually updates me with the shops in Portland. You can check the for the address.
  3. No tax, WOW!
  4. yes, oregon is a tax-free state in U.S.
  5. yep, my aunt just came back from Portland 2 days ago... she wants to move there now! no sales tax... how awesome would that be?!
  6. thanks, iqaganda.
    portland is one of my destination for vuitton shopping spree. i had a chance to be in Paris 2months ago. believe it or not, even with Oregon no sales tax policy, it's still much cheaper to get it from Paris. i'd say approx 15-20% saving! needless to say, i was over the moon.
  7. yes!!!in Saks!i bought one too there..the no tax makes me :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:LOL!
  8. pinkpudding, do they hv good collection? are the SAs nice?
  9. Yes! I live here in Portland. Ask for Sam or Patrick! They're the best!! =)
  10. I was think the same thing!! I wonder if they didn't have the bag on hand and needed to ship it, would that make the trip pointless? Shipping, shipping fees and most importantly TAX! "/
  11. not sure. hopefully they can help you figure it all out and save some money