Chanel available at Last Call

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  1. Here's what I saw:
    A hot pink satin evening bag, very small but beautiful!
    It's hot pink and shaped like a small cylinder - Approx $500
    A fair amount of Chanel jewelry, no rings or bracelets :sad:
    much of it was actually cute, lots of hearts and stuff like a V-Day line, also some pretty perl/rhinestone numbers.
    Then they had a few travel sets left, I think someone here has one, it's a pink floral silky bag w/ a neck pillow and maybe socks{?} inside? Was around $1200 and more like $300 now.
  2. Oh wow that is a great deal on the travel set...I saw someone with it on the forum and I went to check it out on eBay and it was around $650. Do you know if Last Call ships?
  3. That's a great deal on the travel set! i remember seeing it on bluefly for at least 600
  4. I'm sure they'd ship, right?

    It was the one in Grapevine, TX.
  5. Hmm, someone should call and ask. Like I really need to know that kind of info.
  6. You know, they actually might. I didn't think these outlet like stores shipped before, but then I found out Barney's NY Outlet ships(had to order something from there last year).
  7. was it grapevine mills?!?! dang i need to go! but i think im going to ikea this weekend... wait do you think they still have the chanel furniture? lol i told my mom and she freaked! at the price she said shed rather buy that then another thing for same price!
  8. YEP!! Go by there on your way. . . I do! LOL!
  9. lol, i saw the pics of the furniture, its beautiful! i guess we have to take a major "detour" and stop to ikea....
  10. I wish there was Chanel at Last Call at the Neimans here (in Honolulu). There were only a few pair of shoes when I went. *darn*
  11. any chanel necklaces? if so, do you recall how much they were?
  12. Yes, there were a few necklaces, I didn't look at prices. . . but I'd guess close to 40-50% off retail.
  13. Swanky, I know ths is completely off the point, but I love your pic! :heart:
    That sooo cute, esp with the lil' pink bow!!! :tender: :smile:
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