Chanel Authenticity Tips Sticky Thread went missing?

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    This is not to seek authenticity of bags but rather can I know why the 'CHANEL Authenticity Tips' sticky thread went missing? Although I will definitely seek professional and expert help here to double verify the authenticity of Chanel but that sticky thread of Chanel Authenticity Tips really helps me to learn alot about Chanel authenticity. For some cases, I see the bag and jolly well know that it is a fake, I wouldn't bother asking the authenticators already. It all goes to the credit of that sticky thread which boarden my knowledge.

    I am very sad the thread is no longer there. Can I know why?
    Some authenticators like Burberryprncess and Smoothoprter has gone through great efforts in showing us or really share their knowledge with us on how to authenticate Chanel or rather how to differentiate between a real or fake one.

    Great efforts of them such as placing photos of real and fake authenticity card, zipper (ep, ykk or lampo) many many more. For sale of Chanel bag online, If I have faith that it is authentic after checking off all authentic points, I will post it at the authenticators thread again for double verfication. I often go back to view the thread to review the authenticity tips whenever I am unsure about the authenticity of the bag I wanna purchased.

    I am really sad it is gone today when I try to search for it. I remember it was still there a few weeks ago.. Can we bring it back?
  2. I took that thread down at the request of the authenticators of the ATC thread.

    They're concerned that counterfeiters are using the information on that thread to benefit themselves. So, we do no longer give specific info because we don't want to help the counterfeiters out there, especially since the fake ones are getting better and better, KWIM?
  3. I agree while the authenticity tips thread was useful...we did have a few scammers who were pfers. Its so unfortunate that dishonest people use our resources to scam us and other unsuspecting buyers! :tdown:
  4. Nat, I see I see. Really hate those counterfeiters that took away our benefit to learn more knowledge on authenticity. Since it is at the requests of the authenticators who build the thread their own, I will respect that decision of them.

  5. I know, I'm sad it's gone as well. That thread was initially started to help potential buyers with basic tips to identify authentic items.
  6. #6 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    Well, luckily I remember most of the tips. Can't say this surprises me at all; I've been studying those tips religiously because I knew this day would come. I was actually going to bring up the topic of deleting that thread too, after noticing that the fakes are getting better.

    Ladies, enjoy the Authenticate This Chanel thread while you can. My gut's telling me that very soon those scumbags are going to find a way to abuse that too, and then the authentication service will be gone as well.

    Which means that we'll all have to buy directly from the Chanel boutique. Might be a great thing! :biggrin: Though, not so much for those of us who love vintage bags. Tis a sad state of affairs we're in. Darn you counterfeiters! To the depths of fiery hell! :mad::rant::cursing:
  7. i was searching for it a few days ago too! so sad.. i should have saved a copy in my com..
  8. WELL SAID, nighteyes!! But please do not take away the ATC thread. I and many others really relies on it especially we can't afford the high boutique price. Will have to sought for 2nd-hand like new condition in the open market. You remember most of the tips? I am an idiot! I should have save a copy too! It is in my memory but I wasn't sure about it, you know the feeling? Like 'is this supposed to be like this? Oh yes, but nope..' that kind?? Yeah really bad for those buying vintage... Some vintages are really lovely, like the one you just bought.. Pretty!

    rabbit, I should have save one too!! Anyone has a copy? Please PMed me...
  9. ^I just have a bad feeling that it's going to go eventually, or at least that restrictions are going to be placed (eg. post count, proof that you're buying the actual bag)... that will be such a pain to comply with, especially for newbies... who ironically would need the service the most! This whole situation is just really sad, that such information is denied to the very people it's catered to... Simply because some wanton poopheads decided to abuse it and profit off it at someone else's loss!!! That really irks me! :lecture:
  10. I love your words!! Counterfeiters, you all are not welcome in TPF... Leave us alone!!
  11. Yes, the newer fake bags are getting better - especially the hologram stickers. I think our tips were helping them as much as it was helping the members. Thanks for understanding.
  12. #13 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    Unfortunately, these tips had been very useful/valuable to the scammers so we thought it best to take them down. They had also been copied and used on other websites, some not so good. Sorry, I know it is a bummer to those who used them for help.
  13. Is there any way we can give access to members with a certain number of feedback. I remember that the booklets from certain years were supposed to be white and certain years black, and even though you kind authenticators authenticated it for me already, I wanted to double check, because the bag is a 11 series, so I assume 2007, and should have the white booklets (but in actuality it has the black booklets) I believe is what the thread that is no longer there said, but now I can't be sure. So, rather than bother you all again, I wanted to first read that thread first.

    With that said, I have always worried about the same thing- these scammers/fakers coming onto our beloved tpf and using all our members' knowledge for their illegal activities. That is why I asked Cosmo the other day to close a thread on a question re authenticity I had on a YSL bag I had purchased, because I hadn't received a response to my thread yet and went to the store and got the correct answer from the store SA. Therefore, I didn't want the thread to be there to be answered later on, and have some fake-bag maker come and use that valuable info.

    However, with that said, I believe that with all the phenomenal moderators and authenticators we have on here that monitor all members' posts, if we set a minimum posts of say 300 or 500 (I don't even have 500 yet, but am willing to have to wait to get there, if that's what it takes), to allow access to certain threads, then that would seem like it would be a good filter since by the time most of these scammers/fake makers make that many posts, you really can see through the intentions behind their posts, no?

    I'd really appreciate it if you would consider the above, because for me who is not a Chanel or Hermes pro, those guides really help, especially since sometimes some bags I've seen have been at consignment stores here in SoCal, as opposed to ebay or online, where you can post the link/photos before you purchase. TIA as always.

  14. ^^^

    Hi Mar, the only thing is there are scammers on TPF with thousands of posts.
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